Final Semester Post

This semester I've learned a lot more about the skeletal structure than I did in life drawing one. It was nice to have the opportunity to revisit life drawing and focusing on the skeleton definitely helped me gain understanding of how the bones function and show in the visible figure. I also learned a lot about shading to define planes. This was something that took me a little longer, since I take longer drawing the initial structure, I didn't get to the shading as much as would have liked. I think my full skeleton drawing shows my progress in shading to define planes. For the final long drawing that we did in class I tried to incorporate some more shading into my drawing style; I mainly use cross-contour lines to create form in my figure drawings, but I think I have learned a lot about shading this semester, although I have a lot more to learn before I define an entire figure with shading alone.


These are portraits that we started in class, but are not finished.


front and back views of the torso

pelvis, leg and foot